Ever wanted to live your dream, but felt the need to provide for your family was the thing holding you back?

We’ve been there. And done it anyway.

To Live With Purpose it takes a Process.

After 8 years of consulting in law, accounting and financial planning firms, founder Derek Whitaker notice a couple of common threads…

Most people hated their jobs.
Most people had abandoned their dreams.
Most weren’t doing what they really wanted to with their lives.
Most people were financially illiterate on knowing how to get ahead.
Many who decided to do something about it invested a lot of money in seminars and courses and later were disillusioned, as the success rate was so low.
Most courses over promised and under delivered.

Those who did well financially were still disillusioned, as they felt they lacked meaning and purpose.
Whether they knew it or not, they had a hole in their heart that longed for something deeper that would bring fulfillment.

Blu Sky Factory recognizes your potential.  As they say, “The sky is the limit.”