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How to Live Your Life Purpose and Fund it Understanding Techniques the Wealthy Use

Maha Baker

Maha Baker’s Testimony

"Hi there. I came on board through a friend. I was interested in how to trade & make money. She advised me I might want to look at doing some sort of course that would be able to help me, as I have no idea whatsoever about trading.

I needed to learn about the basics 1st, so I was put onto Derek, and I spoke to him, and yep that was me! I thought, I think, I better do a course rather than try & get right into it without knowing what I’m doing. I jumped on board on the course ‘Building the Wealth Foundation’. I try to do this course in between my time as a bus driver at work, as I do FIFO 4 weeks on 1 week off.

As I have a lot of down time, I’m able to use this as a means to continue to educate myself, and build up as much information into financial wealth and educating myself on how to prepare myself & get to know how to manage & how to make use of my money, to make money (e.g stock markets, trading etc...)

The information in the course" Building the Wealth Foundation" is nothing but AMAZING.. from running your finances like a business, to dealing with debt, tax, your starting point in financial education, and soo much more...

You may wonder how on earth am I able to fit this in with my job as a Fifo worker? Because what Derek has done, has made it so easy for anyone to be able to do this. If I miss the course on the day, I am able to view it later, and can go over it, again & again. So I don’t miss out at all. I thoroughly enjoy this course very much, and I would highly recommend this to anyone.

You get soo much out of this course, it is unbelievable what you learn, and what you don’t know. I like to personally thank "Derek" and his wife Christie for making this happen, and I’m so grateful, for the amount of information they have provided, not only me, but anyone that would like to learn how to run your ‘finances like a business’.

I have learnt so much, and what I never knew is a BIG eye opener.
Thank you once again.xxxxxx"



"Building the Wealth Foundation was useful to me because it helped me take a perspective when I felt like I knew very little.

It reinforced some of my ideas, challenged other ideas and gave me a broad base of knowledge from which I have been able to go off and explore possibilities."

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How to Live Your Life Purpose and Fund it Understanding Techniques the Wealthy Use