How to Live Your Life Purpose & Fund it Using Techniques the Wealthy Use

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Four out of five Australians are hugely dissatisfied with their work.
They’re spending 40 – 60 hours of week hating what they’re doing, and who’s paying the ultimate price? Their spouses/partners, children, employers, society is missing out on their greater contribution - even the poor cat cops it when they get home frustrated! What if you were doing something that you were really meant to be doing, that serves a purpose greater than you?

What if your work could be fulfilling, providing you with the fulfilment of doing something you love, and is making a real difference in the world?

In this FREE Course you’ll discover…

The missing piece in wealth creation – It’s not just about accumulating enough wealth for a comfortable retirement!
4 key lessons ancient wisdom teaches about the handling of money and wealth.
12 attributes and characteristics that set the wealthy apart from the “average Joe”.
How YOU can step into what you really should be doing, changing culture; and making a difference in the world, for the next generation.

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Building the Wealth Foundation

Imagine getting to a point where your finances are in order, you have a foundation in place, while stepping into your purpose and what you are really meant to be doing with your life, while learning in intricate detail the techniques of the wealthy?

This 20-week experience in “Building the Wealth Foundation” provides just that!

We’ve had students report that during our course they’ve had dreams of what they really should be doing with their lives – incredible epiphany moments!

We workshop your life purpose, and arm you with the techniques the wealthy use, so you can influence culture and society for the future.

We also show how philanthropic work can work hand in hand with wealth creation.

Additionally, you’ll discover…

How the current financial system operates, it’s flaws, and how the ‘preferred economy’ is designed to make you flourish.
The history of banking, how it operates, and how these practices impact you, the economy and your family today.
How the wealthy structure their finances to protect themselves from nasty law suits, and minimise their taxes to the maximum extent, 100% legally!
How to protect your family from financial catastrophe in the event of death, tragedy, or injury, and considerations business owners must make.
How smart entrepreneurs think differently and how different it is from an employee mindset
Dealing with Debt
The 3 Pillars of Wealth
Business models and how they operate
Property and how wealth is created through various strategies in residential, commercial and international markets.
International property strategies that Wall Street won’t even tell you about!
Trading the stock markets, what kind of markets are there, and how do new traders start out in the trading landscape?
What professional traders do differently that the average person has no idea about
Workshopping your life purpose

And so much more…

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Options Trading

One of the 3 Pillars of Wealth is trading. We have a number of courses you can access through our sister company Trading Institute.

“Getting Started with Options” & “Trading – One of the 3 Pillars of Wealth”

This free video course is a real eye opener for someone who has never traded, or only ever bought stocks. It reveals how professional traders can metaphorically insure shares against a market crash, and also create regular cash flow through this process.

See trades we generated and how we reached just over 10% return on investment in just 100 days…
See the process our founding director Derek Whitaker uses in his trading.
See first-hand the systems he uses
Discover what different types of things are traded on the markets
Find out how would-be traders determine what kind of trading is right for them
Find out how the financial system and Wall Street works, and why the middle class aren’t getting ahead.
Discover how options trading works

This course runs over 2 sessions with a 45 minute, and then 1 hour duration; delivered in 2 parts.

Take advantage of over 7 years of research in just under 2 hours!


Trader's Starting Kit

Advanced Options Trading 101 Introductory Course

Share Options Trading Course with Professional Accreditation through Mentor Education

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