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Discover how our founder set up a system to trade by.

Ever been curious about the stock market?

It’s sold to us as a very glamourous thing to do with the images that Wall Street portrays, and all the movies.

In fact, it is madness in many respects, especially when people are speculating on what may occur, hoping it’s going to make them rich, and solve all their financial issues.

Many have made losses, and some have made great fortunes.

Our founding director Derek Whitaker trades, has studied it, and has been doing so for almost the past 10 years.

The key he’s found is not getting caught up in all the madness of the markets, but having a system that protects his trading capital, and sets him up for potential profit.

Imagine, having a system whereby a trader can mathematically calculate what the maximum profit or loss is on a trade before placing it.

Imagine them being able to stack the odds in their favour so mathematically the probability of a trade can work.

I’ve created a 2-part video course which reveals more about this and my journey in trading that can accelerate your learning curve. One is 45 minutes and the other 90 minutes.

Now why are they this length?

Simply because there is so much we want to give you in a very short space of time. And this is the best way to get it to you. Remember, our founder took 7-8 years to figure this out.

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Get your free course

Discover how our founder set up a system to trade by.